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At SQ Roofing Inc, you have the peace of mind knowing that your Roofing Install and Repair team is Qualified, Experienced, and Knowledgeable of the work to keep you and your home safe and comfortable from the elements.

SQ Roofing Inc. promises excellent quality on all projects. Count on qualified and expert advise for your roofing questions.

SQ Roofing is dedicated to providing excellent customer service while sharing our expertise to ensure the best roofing solutions for our clients.

SQ Roofing Inc is
Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Certified

SQ Roofing Inc. is a reputable, professional, and reliable roofing company that holds a license, bond, insurance, and certification.

Our team of skilled and experienced roofers are committed to delivering exceptional roofing services that meet and exceed minimum city and county inspection requirements. SQ Roofing Inc. ensures that only the best materials and tradesmen are utilized to ensure durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to your roof.

Roof Installs

SQ Roofing Inc. is certified to expertly install roofs of all types including asphalt shingles, clay and concrete tiles, metal, slate tiles, and flat roofing.

Roof Repairs

Don’t let a leaky roof or damaged roof discourage you from dealing with it. Our team of roofing experts assess the situation with you and walk you through the process through free estimates on what is required ensure a properly repaired roof.

Inspection & Certification Review

With SQ Roofing Inc’s  30+ years of roofing experience, the SQ Roofing team worked with Central Valley cities and counties inspectors to ensure your roof exceeds the minimum building code requirements.

High Quality Sourcing

SQ Roofing Inc. works with manufacturers and distributors to obtain only the highest quality of roofing materials for your roof. Don’t know where to start? Contact us today – we’re happy to walk you through the process at no-cost to you.

Reliable Workmanship with Guaranteed Warranties

A new roof is a significant investment, and you deserve peace of mind knowing it’s built to last. At SQ Roofing Inc. we ensure quality and longevity in every roof replacement project. Our team consists of licensed, insured, and bonded contractors who use only premium materials from trusted brands with lasting warranties. We are committed to giving you the confidence that your home and belongings are protected by a secure, long-lasting roof.

Roofer adding shingles to the roof of a house
Service Warranty
With every SQ Roofing Inc. installation, your investment is secured by our comprehensive workmanship and service warranty. This warranty guarantees that we will repair or replace any issues arising from faulty installation at no additional cost to you, for the warranty period, providing lasting protection for your home and belongings. At SQ Roofing Inc. you deserve unmatched protection providing lasting peace of mind for your home and belongings.
Roof ceramic tile arranged in packets on the roof on roof battens. Preparation for laying roof tiles
Material Warranty
A new roof is a significant investment, and you deserve peace of mind knowing it's built to endure. At SQ Roofing Inc., we ensure quality and longevity in every roof replacement project. Our team consists of licensed, insured, and bonded contractors who meticulously install only premium materials from trusted brands with industry-leading warranties.

SQ Roofing Inc’s Process

SQ Roofing's Quality-Focused Installations

For the past 30+ years, SQ Roofing Inc. has been trusted by over 600 satisfied clients to help them with installing and repairing roofs.


Roofing and Reliance go hand-in-hand. SQ Roofing Inc. is your trusted roofing partner.

Learn about SQ Roofing Inc.'s Processes & Insights

SQ Roofing Inc.’s experts encourage you to make an informed decision when searching for your next roofing contractor. Learn about our processes and insights for guidance on which roofing material is best for you.

What is the process to install my roof?

At SQ Roofing Inc. our process begins with a free consultation where we ask you about your roof, the condition it is in, and what you believe needs to be done. Based on our consultation, SQ Roofing Inc. heads out to your project location to assess the work and provides an project estimate and a proposed project timeline. At every stage of our process, SQ Roofing works with the city and county to ensure regulations are being followed to ensure a successful project.

What is the best roofing material?

The best roofing material vary depending on the structure, framing, and local building codes in your area. There are special considerations when selecting a new roof and SQ Roofing Inc. can help you decide which roof is best for your home and property.

Do I need a permit to replace my roof?

In almost every situation, you will need a permit to install or re-roof your roof. Permit requirements vary by city and county and vary in associated permitting fees. SQ Roofing Inc. walks you through the process step-by-step to ensure your roof is installed or repaired to California building code.
About SQ Roofing Inc.

Supreme Quality Roofing Inc. is a residential roofing company to provide the best quality service and customer experience for your roofing needs. Our technicians specialize in installing only the highest grade material to ensure your property is protected. With over 30+ years of inspecting, repairing, and installing residential roofs in the Central Valley, our technicians are experts in consulting with customers to install and repair their roofs to pass city and county inspections. Get your free consultation and estimate today.

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